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Guangdong Yingbin Hotel Guangzhou is located in the bustling city center. The famous Beijing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street and Haizhu Square are within walking distance. It is adjacent to Dongfeng Road and Zhongshan Road, the main road that runs through the city center.

YingGuangdong Yingbin Hotel Guangzhou is a garden-style hotel in the center of Guangzhou. It dates back to the Liang Dynasty in the Southern Dynasty and was the place of the former royal palace. The hotel is mainly divided into Baiyun Tower and Bihai Tower. The rooms of Baiyun Tower are condensed with modern classic design. You can choose from luxurious suites to refined standard rooms. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. Once the presidential palace, the oriental tradition is subtlely blended into every room. Painted and carved, antique furniture, like the ancient charm of Nanyue.

The hotel has various types of meeting rooms, all of whom are dedicated to provide detailed and thorough professional services to make you do more with less. The business center provides comprehensive secretarial services and Internet services. You can calmly understand the information and business affairs of all parties.

Xuan Hotel has 15 distinctive Chinese and Western restaurants, which are elegantly and magnificently decorated and can accommodate 800 people for meals. It offers authentic Cantonese, Chaozhou, Sichuan, Huaiyang and Western food. The hotel has a Hong Kong-Macau direct station inside the hotel. There are nearly 30 buses to and from Hong Kong-Macau every day for you to choose from, which is convenient for your travel vacations and business activities.

The colorful indoor and outdoor leisure facilities of the hotel will allow you to spend an unforgettable happy time in the busy business travel. Fitness, table tennis, and sauna are all available for you to enjoy a pleasant time here.
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  • popo690
    Good, environment satisfaction, satisfaction
  • GW_Luo
    Beautiful, quiet.
  • fupeng
  • sunrpices
    Baiyun House is relatively new, so usually Baiyun building
  • adu0909
    Elegant environment, the transportation is convenient, rooms at the fruit up, is the swimming pool won't be open in autumn and winter
  • neoluoyu
    Overall feeling-convenient-very quiet-
  • llllv
    Location, convenience, government departments
  • finoa
    Planted many trees in the hotel garden full of greenery, looking very comfortable. room, two single beds, desk, business travel is comfortable to live. bathroom wet and dry separation have the shower and ceiling shower two options, the water is hot enough, you can wash away the day's fatigue.
  • m00979658
    Nice, nice, very close to the pedestrian street of Beijing Road
  • nini1111
    Hotel location is OK, veteran of the hotel also has its own yard. room was good, the service is also very good, is staying for a long time after send in your fruit bowl, we have to sleep.
  • guoxiaorang
    Around traffic is convenient, BC Metro station to hotel five minutes around, to all place Metro are can to. Hotel internal is good, meet four star of standard, but cotton tree drive restaurant of service is bad, morning to eat tea, waiter called are called out, staff enough can more sent points people, served speed very very slow, from points finished single to Shang first a snack at least 15 minutes, and taste bad, no Tau Tau Chu of delicious. hotel opposite has home fertilizer neither kitchen, are is DangPeople eating, people, tastes great, you can mass hit 90 percent
  • baobaaa
    Living in Baiyun building, Nice ... room was clean and very nice and clean ... very quiet at night. I heard breakfast good, lack of time is no time to eat.
  • m03421386
    Price less than high
  • juniortown
    Environment is very good, room was very spacious, to stay next time.
  • anne99825
    Rooms at many times are very good
  • SmartBean
    Hotel in downtown, downtown, location very better, Feng Shui is good. near Guangzhou Government, Guangdong Provincial Government, popularity Mong Kok. we is morning staying of, waiter enthusiasm, service specification. provides of room is three floor, 325, no breakfast, price affordable. room what facilities are good, but is noisy, behind of wind machine, is ring, had to patience. side Shang of fat neither kitchen 12 branch, popularity that Mong Kok Ah, noon are is local eat of, price is affordable Ah.
  • innifree
    Good state-owned hotel. less than 20 minutes to walk to the pedestrian street of Beijing Road, there are 15 minutes to yuexiu Park, very convenient location. Baiyun House is a newly renovated more recommended. breakfast can not be directly to the restaurant for a breakfast buffet to eat more value, very good ... recommended.
  • Ya c frozen fruit · C
    Local naozhongqujing transportation variance, Liu Rong Temple, within the hotel, nearby attractions not far from many ... good service attitude.
  • ss05015372
    Good, quiet location, hotel room facilities were very good
  • elleaileen
    Welcome to live many times, lived in one of the best value hotels. regardless of hardware, services, and environments is the five-star level.
  • Annie71
    Safe environment
  • jcy_281922151
    Every time I go to Guangdong required, good environment and convenient
  • e00018710
    Environment generally, acceptable to the room was a bit old and eat around there not too convenient, free Metro bus a few minutes walking time
  • laolong
    Overall pretty good and clouds/f new
  • lisnco
    Located in the old town, not far from the Zhongshan Hall, you can walk past. the newly renovated. courtyard is great, the century-old trees look great. and many international hotel chains are different, can feel different tastes here, MOM and dad are happy to play.
  • erluing
    August staying, Sun Park King room is towards South of room, room enough big, bathroom also enough big, night play back, room of air conditioning are is open with of, very cool. hotel of location on in downtown, away from yuexiu Park, Zhongshan Memorial, South more King Museum are is near, Northwest direction has silver remember intestinal powder shop, Northeast direction has Guangzhou restaurant, to South can to green tea, pure again restaurant, to Southwest has Pizza Hut also has a big supermarket. away from Metro station also not far, very convenient, online of priceMuch cheaper than the listing price, value.
  • alancaolawyer
    Comfortable garden, convenient! sorry not with earlier price room
  • louisyang
    Shi Shu
  • leon79
    Rooms have a musty, others can!
  • e02513081
    Most like the feeling
  • e00021061
    Nice, quiet
  • yudeyanleill
    Many times, a very good environment, quiet. Travel is easy. Restaurants are also very good. The room and spacious. Service is also very good, residents welcome fruit. Will continue to stay at this hotel next time.
  • jinni1129
    Very good hotel, very quiet surrounding is also very convenient
  • yan3339
    Which is very nice
  • liu12358
    Location is central and beautiful environment quiet. from Beijing Road pedestrian street and Park station is not too far, not really hard to find in the user guide of food, surrounding Guangdong people inadvertently found may be close to the daily diet.
  • Cecilia*Leon
    Nice and convenient
  • e00631311
    9 years later again, still feeling good, room and bed were great
  • luisa
    Colleagues say worked well last time, so their travel booking here, very close to the old city centre, very nice hotel. affordable price.
  • e06170164
    Really a good veteran, heritage and living in comfortable hotels, breakfast very nice and inexpensive, nearby elderly point to tea specials routed, Baiyun floor has very spacious.
  • seal.yang
    That's no problem
  • lovewyr
    Zhiqian help guest has been set Guangdong building, but guest said there go out, hotel not more, this on help guest set Guangdong Guest House, this is veteran star hotel, but service and facilities good, room also big, although floors not high, but Hotel open, is located in old, locals life breath thick, go not far on to Beijing Road, traffic convenient, guest also is like.
  • mounty
    Very satisfied
  • jjf1335
    Old town with the old location of the hotel was very good but just live you can also
  • bwj77
    Waiter service was very good, very professional, and five-star standard hotel is also very good
  • fronius
    Hotel convenience, friendly staff, good.
  • m00909406
    Beautiful environment, good location near Metro station convenient hotel services like hotel rooms is very old but renovated rooms and drapery are very good next time you will choose
  • n70bill
    Very nice hotel, service was excellent, rooms quite user-friendly, very intimate.
  • cyxue0431
    Which is very nice
  • ocean190714307
    Conveniently, Metro, room renovated and very new
  • ergoworld
    Hotel is very good, the environment is good, convenient, fully equipped and warm service in place., cotton tree drive, morning tea the most authentic restaurant.